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"The opening sequence in particular grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go, as a little boy started to see horrible things no one else could, and came home to find his normal life irrevocably shattered... Siegel and White certainly deliver on the creep factor. Mutilated bodies, terrible demons and a sense that a horrific world lurks just beneath the world we know makes for an effective horror book."

Randy Lander,
The Fourth Rail



Latest News:

Atmosphere Entertainment MM and Platinum Studios To Produce Killing Demons Live-Action Film

Link: Variety

Link: Screen International

"An intriguing, dark story that shows us a horrible world within our own and the one person that is comfortable in it...This was an excellent pairing of writer and artist and the two can't work together again soon enough."

Chris Hunter,
Broken Frontier

"KD is a fun, bloody romp through a horrific urban landscape and well worth its cost. The characterizations are well done, yet hint at deeper depths to be plumbed in later editions."

Bram Stoker Award
nominee Joe Nassise,

"A wicked little tale about a boy with the ability to see demons who grows up to be an occult investigator and demon killer of no small power and repute."

Marc Mason,
Should It Be a Movie?

"It's the best looking small press thing I have seen in some time."

Rob McCarthy,
Hell on Wheels



"Siegel's script has a terse, unique edge to it that combines with White's creepy black and white artwork to give the work a fresh and compelling feel... A first-rate horror story... It's extremely unusual, and most welcome."

Alan David Doane,
Comic Book Galaxy

"The story succeeds as a pulpy adventure with an influence from 80s gore films... I'll be looking forward to seeing what Siegel and White do in the future."
Chris Allen,

"Killing Demons is meant to be a B-Movie on paper, a dose of horror and mystery... And definitely, as I said, a creative team to keep an eye on."
The Alien Online


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